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Bringing together the people who matter the most to us in a place where we can communicate with each other about our daily lives or discuss issues that are important to us. Let's have fun!!

Monday, August 30, 2004

As I put the word out. . .

I've started contacting family and friends about signing up. There are email addresses I don't have so help me out if you can. Mike and I recently got back from a family vacation at the outer banks and then on to a week in Louisville, Kentucky where he is from. ( More on our vacation in another post. )We wrote down some email addresses then but I can't put my finger on them just yet because I still haven't completely unpacked, even though it has been three weeks since we arrived home.

I have plenty of excuses, alas - I had to get Alex ( my 7 year old grandson ) ready to return to California - had to get ready for a hurricane that didn't hit here, but devastated the western Florida coast further up - had much to do going through everything at the store to make sure that all was done while I was gone - then I had to recouperate from Alex's 2 month stay with us ( I was mindboggled with all the silence! ) - and then I had to get the loft ready to rent out since Robo and his girlfriend found their own place while I was gone.

A young woman moved in last week. Since our house is divided in two with separate entrances, it's an ideal because we each have our privacy. I still use the downstairs over there because that is where my computer is, but only when she is gone. We have so much in common. So also got rid her TV about 5 years ago - which I think is a major waste of time and hate being bombarded with propaganda and commercials. She's also politically savvy which is also important to me. Too many people are only as aware as the soundbites on TV will let them be, without researching the issues for themselves. She's also very nice and I feel like I've adopted a daughter as she is Robo's age.

The people at the family vacation received a copy of the Rich family history I wrote that also includes family lines other than the name Rich. I think it's important to know where we come from along with the fact that so much of it so very interesting. There are those of you that are part of that bloodline that may be interested in a copy to pass down through your own family.

Please help spread the word and get me the names and email addresses of people you think would be interested in receiving an invite to join. Family AND friends. Let's build a network!

Saturday, August 28, 2004

I'm A New Member of This Family. . .

the Old HipHello all, from Sonni's lesser-half.  I really enjoyed my week with those of you that shared that wonderful week of sun, ocean, and beach at end of July. (the offending teeth are now gone for good!  New plates are on their way.)
I'm still recovering from the vacation, and the teeth extractions, but feel great to be back home, and getting back to normal routines.  Just wanted to let you all know that I felt welcomed, and honored, to share your reunion.  I also wanted to apologize for being so "distant" because of the badly timed teeth pains, I am usually much more sociable and smiling, as I hope you will find out in future gatherings.

Friday, August 27, 2004

The Beginning. . .

It's so easy to tell family and friends that you will stay in touch, and it's also easy to put it off until later. So much happens in our lives that no one ever hears about - the small stuff or the big stuff. I hope over time that the member list to this blog will grow and grow and we get to know each other on a more personal basis instead of just the oaccasional Christmas card.

There are many friends of the family that have been around so long that they qualify as family, and new friends that are as close as family that many of us might like to "meet". I hope this is something that all of us will enjoy tapping into from time to time, letting each other know how were're doing aas well as commenting on other postings.

It doesn't matter who you are or what you think. Everyone is different. It doesn't matter what your religion is or your political persuasion. You can write what you want without negative backlashing. Hopefully we can promote indepth dialogue on many issues as well as newsy chatter about our daily lives.

So. . . let's get on with it!!