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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

They Will Have to Pay For This

My mind still has trouble registering the reality of this disaster and can't even fathom the long range effects it will have on the people.  We can't let the anger go away or die down.  The American people have shown in the past that they can really get angry - but after awhile they just let it go and go back to life as usual because they have a life to live and they have to worry about their own problems.  After all, they still have to figure out how they are going to keep gas in their car.

But this is the first time that something as bad as this has happened on our own soil.  Not even 9-11 can compare.  I'm not trying to downplay what happened to New York, but it didn't completely ruin the entire city and then have to evacuate all the residents.  Every single person didn't lose their home, their job or their business.  And our government watched for days as this was about to happen and then happened and then tried to pass the buck about who didn't do their job.  They didn't have to watch people die on the street and then have no one come to take them away.  The people in New Orleans just had to let their dead lay in the street.  Do you understand?  Even all our American children had to see that.  How do you think that will affect them for the rest of their lives?  To bad Bush can't order that these photos can't be shown on our TV sets.  And no longer can he say that Americans can't withstand the shock of seeing the dead in Iraq or even our own military's coffins.  He can't cover this up.  I can't even imagine how this will turn out except to know that it will take much longer than they think it will.  Bush says he will walk down the streets of a new city in two years.  I don't think so.

I am so disgusted watching the smug look on his face - hoping that somehow Rove will be able to spin this so it will look like he knows what he is doing.  But the bottom line is that he has a lot of deaths on his head.  What the hell was he doing while everyone else was watching as Katrina got closer and closer to land?  What was he doing the next day?  What was he thinking when he decided to go on with his stop to push his Medicare lies - and his stop for his photo op playing a guitar?  How can make that photo go away when it proves that he was out having a good time while people were dying?  Nothing can take the fact away that Rice was in New York enjoying a Broadyway play and shopping for $2000 shoes.  She can't make anyone believe that she cares.  And Cheney doesn't even come back from his vacation until Thursday???  It makes me sick.

All night long I can't stop thinking about these things.  It just goes round and round inside my head.  It would be interesting to see a timeline - of what happened each day from the day before Katrina hit until now.  On one line it would be the known facts about New Orleans and the physical destruction of the city.  Another line would be what our government did and didn't do.  Include in that what FEMA did and didn't do. Add into that what people and companies tried to do to help and were turned away.  On a third line tell what happened to the people and how they died as they waited for help.  How they and they children and eldery and sick suffered while waiting for our government to come off vacation and get their thumbs out of their asses.

I sincerely hope this administration goes down.  This president, while campaigning the first time around prided himself on being a man who could handle a national disaster - that he could actually juggle two balls at one time.  Now that the media has shown that it still has a bit of life left - that it can be shocked at the reality of what wasn't done - I hope it doesn't back down.  The media asked for answers.  Will it back pedal now and try to say what a wonderful job our president is doing?  Will they say that they didn't mean Bush when they were accusing the powers that be of not doing their jobs?  I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Friday, September 02, 2005

I Am Angry and Feeling Helpless

I don't know what to say.  The news is bad enough.  There is no way that the devastation in our own country can be hidden.  Watching Bush and his collective bunch of ineffectual cohorts makes me sick to my stomach.  It didn't take a rocket scientist to see what was going to happen and they just watched it happen.  Maybe they wanted to see if it was actually real before they did anything about it.  When I see the news footage of what is happening in New Orleans I have trouble understanding that this is happening here and not in some third world country - because that is what it looks like.  At least this time Bush can't order that no photos can be shown to the people the way the news has been censured from Iraq.  He can't pretend that this is a rosier picture than it is.

What was going through Bush's mind those extra days he spent at his ranch doing nothing - because that is surely what he did.  If he had done something he would have been the first to let us know what that was.  But he remained silent - and absent - along with the rest of his cabinet.  Condi Rice going shopping for shoes in New York!!  Shame on you.  Cheney still on vacation - you are a disgrace.  What this really tells us is how different you think you are from everyone else.  How much better you think you are.  I hope, with every fabric of my being that this disaster is the downfall of this administration.  That the people who have still been blinded by the religious goodness they thought they were seeing will finally wake up and realize that the people mean nothing to the people in power.  We are just the little rats that grease the wheel and keep the money coming in.  The one good thing that can happen from this disaster is to get them out!

Where will Bush's focus be now?

It makes my heart hurt to watch these people crying out for their children and for their family who are dying.  When they are all finally evacuated what will happen to them?  Where will they go?  How will they survive - or will they just end up on the street?  Yesterday, at the store, I watched the people get off the cruise ship.  They had been on the ship since before the hurricane hit land.  When I talked about what was happening it seemed that they just wanted to leave the store as fast as they could.  They wanted to ignore what was happening for as long as possible so they could at least finish their vacation and pretend for as long as possible that everything was the same.  I wonder what people will be saying next week?