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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Mike's Birthday Today

So the old Hippie is 58 today!!  We didn't do anything special.  Both of our birthdays are a week apart with our anniversary the day before my birthday.  It's been pretty hot and muggy out and we haven't done anything special yet.  Probably on my next day off we'll have a meal out and a movie.  I don't think we will be complaining this time the movie theatre is too cold!

I got a card from Cindy with an article about growing vegetables in pots - since I have absolutely nowhere to plant anything.  Karen sent me shoe fly pie and AP cake which I have managed to devour myself.  Thank goodness Mike isn't thrilled with them because I really didn't want to have to share!  There was also some clothing in the box but I'm not sure who they were from - but they fit.

I did a lot today and I am absolutely beat and if I don't go lay down I am going to fall down.


Blogger Wilma Fritz said...

Hi Honey......Karen sent you the clothes...I only included the cards I was goind to send. I hope you and Karen get more time to talk soon...when the pressure is not on either of you.
I hope you do something fun on your night out. I went to see the "March of the Penguins" last night and really enjoyed it. Morgan Freeman is the narrator. After the movie, Gail and I went up into Grass Valley where they were holding a street fair...every Fri night. Was some produce..came home and went to bed. Talk more later.

2:17 PM  
Blogger gizmojo13 said...

Hey, Sonni. I feel like I'm just walking into your house and sitting down at your dinner table. Pardon the intrusion. I'm so glad you found my blog! I just finished posting a couple things at your hubby's blog. I have a feeling that given enough time, he and I could sit out on the beach with a libation or two, and solve most of the world's problems.

I received my Gohonzon in February this year. I'm a late bloomer. As I was trying to figure out what the hell happened last November, and just bouncing around in shocked disbelief, I decided to call my cousin in Philadelphia, who I hadn't communicated with much over the past few decades, but I knew was a buddhist. I wanted to know how she was dealing with it all. She told me about Nam myoho renge kyo, and called a friend who called a friend, etc. until one day I got a call from someone here in Asheville. He invited us over and answered a bunch of questions for us. I've be working at it ever since. (sometimes more than other times, I must admit)

So it looks like we all have quite a bit in common! I took an early retirement from Kodak in 2000. I've been making gold and silver wire wrapped jewelry and my wife makes beaded jewelry. She has a part time job and I do some piece work for a very high end jeweler in Asheville to help make ends meet. You know the old starving artist bit. I'm almost finished with our website, which will be at Boy is that more work that I anticipated. Of course, I'm doing it all myself to keep costs down, but I'm not sure that business model is very solid.

We certainly have similar reading interests! Politics, sci-fi, Diasaku Ikeda (I assume).

Well, I've intruded into your space for long enough. Thanks for getting in touch!

8:47 PM  

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