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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Just a Little Sad News

Time is just flying by again.  It seems that Nana Bunker is not doing very well.  She is 91.  It is time.  She fell, and there were bones that broke and shattered.  After a short time in the hospital she is now in a nursing home because there is no way she can be cared for at home.  She had seemed so determined not to take the steps needed to be safe - like use her walker regularly - so it isn't surprizing that this happened.  She hasn't been a happy woman in a long time.  It's been hard on Mom being there with her, wanting to spend this time with her the past five years, but Nana hasn't made it easy for her.  I think that she just wants to let go - there really isn't any reason for her to want to live for anymore.  Many people still do at her age, but I think that Nana gave up a long time ago.  Mom wants somehow for Nana to finally come to understand all the pain she has caused her all these years and that somehow that will find closure to their mother/daughter relationship but I think that Nana will only keep pushing away until she just goes to sleep and it will all be over.  Even at 72 you can still want your mother.  Even at that age you can still feel like the 4 year old girl who was abandoned by her mother as she left her and father to go away with another man.  I don't know if she ever told her she was sorry.  I hope this doesn't last long - going on for weeks or months.  If she wants to die I hope she has the will to make it happen soon.  My mother's 3 half brothers are there so there is lot of support.  I wish I could be there.  It's a sad time for everyone.

We just went through a tropical storm that headed west and now is going north and is getting ready to slam into New Orleans.  It is now hurricane Katrina.  It looks like this could be very bad.  We weren't expecting it to hit here.  It just curved down and took us by surprize.  Lots of wind and rain, and our electricity was out for 2 1/2 days.  That was the worst part because it was so humid and sticky.  That really gets you down after awhile.  How did people ever live without AC?  The breezeway is still drying out and there are lots of leaves to clean up, but no real damage.  We still have a way to go to get through hurricane season. 

Megan is settled in Texas with Alex.  Alyssa is still in Ca with Chris - for the school year, and then it will be Megan's turn.  Even though they are still going though their own emotional stuff it seems that they are not using Alyssa as a means to hurt each other.  Right now Alex is getting some undivided attention and I think that is good for him.  He started school and so far he seems to like living there.  Megan wants to get to work on the house and get back to school.  She has a lot on her plate.  I hope that Mike and I can get there for Thanksgiving and that Robo, Kim and Karissa can be there, too. It would be good to have everyone all together in one place even if it is only for a few days.


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