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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Update on the Kids

Megan left for Texas last week.  She tried to stick it out in Clear Lake at Jane's, but it just didn't work out.  Alyssa has been with Chris for the summer and with Megan on weekends until the school year, but now she is supposed to go to Texas in time for school to start.  I hope this doesn't backfire on Megan. They haven't filed for divorce yet and Chris doesn't want to now.  Megan will have to establish residency in Texas and file there.  Even though Chris seems to be okay with everything right now, he might change his mind later and not want to put Alyssa on the plane.

Jane made it so hard for Megan to stay there.  She wanted to give her a 10:00 curfew.  Megan looked at her in disbelief and said, "I'm a 25 year old grown woman with 2 kids.  I haven't had a curfew in a long time."  Jane has a drinking problem.  She starts with a 6 pack when she get's off work.  I think she meant well in wanting to help Megan, but I also think she had an ulterior motive in wanting her to get back with Donnie when he gets out of prison in 4 years.  That wasn't an option for Megan.  Donnie might have gotten her pregnant when she was 16, but there was no way she was going to have him as part of life after that.  Donnie is 26 and this is his 3rd time in.  I would have personally kicked her butt across the USA if she had even entertained the thought of taking him back.  Now, after 7 years of being with Chris and really trying hard to make it work, and realizing that it wasn't going to work - it takes 2 people trying to make it work - it's time for Megan to find out what she really wants out of her life.  I'm sure she will go back to school and continue to work to be a nurse.  Hopefully she will find someone who will be good for her and treat her right.  She hasn't had that yet in her life.

I'm pretty sure that Robo is working in Montana although I haven't talked to him for about 2 weeks or so.  He was on the move again with his job.  Every time I think he is somewhere I found out he is somewhere else.  But right now he seems to be ok.  He and Kim are traveling together, pulling their RV so at least their home is the same no matter where they go.  I sure wouldn't mind doing that.  I'm glad that he is out doing what he's doing, even though I sure do miss not having him around.

I'm hoping that we can all get together in Texas for Thanksgiving.  Mike said he would like to go, too.  He said he'd even fly with me and I was surprised.  I didn't think he would travel if it wasn't on the ground.  It would be so good if that happened.  If Karissa could be there it would be the first time Mike and I would have all my family together in one place - kids and grandkids, and even their father.  Now we would need to find a way to have Mike's son Mike and Jennifer along, too.  After all, our kids are step-siblings and they haven't met yet.  We'll have to work on that.


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