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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Time to Begin Again

I haven't written in a long time and decided that maybe it was time to begin again.  I got discouraged because I couldn't interest my family to participate.  After running guilt trips a few did go take a look, but they didn't go back again.  I guess people are too busy with their lives.  I thought it would be fun other people to see their pictures on the blog and want to share them with others, but I guess not.  So. . .  I am going to have to want to do this for myself and it anyone wants to take a look, they can.

Once again I'm leaving on a vacation, but this time I'll be going on my own.  Mike is staying home, enjoying his peace and quiet.  I'm going to fly to my sister Karen's next week and then Mom and I are going to drive to Maine to Cindy and Bill's for a few days.  Then we'll drive to Foxboro, MA, where Mom is from to see Aunty Dot, and then back to Karen's just in time to have a root canal.  ( It's cheaper here than in Key West )  I'll probably have some new pictures to add from the trip.  I haven't been back to Pottstown since '98.  I'll have to give Cheryl a call and see if we can get together.  Mom and I will have to take the time to do a little walk around town and take a trip down memory lane.  We've never done that and who knows if we'd ever have the chance again.  It should be a good trip.


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