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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Here at Cindy and Bill's in Maine

Finally, another vacation!!  Mom and Karen picked me up at the Philadelphia airport on Wednesday, July 6th.  On the 7th we drove a very long way up to Maine to spend a few days with Cindy and Bill.  Steven, Angel, Bently and Ryley were here as well.  They are definitely two very energetic kids!  It was also cold!!!!  It's been so hot and humid in Key West that it was a welcome change.  It was rainy the next day but it finally warmed up today.

As I was leaving Key West, someone I knew said I was getting out of town just in time.  I didn't know what he was talking about.  I hadn't paid attention to the news for a couple days since I was getting ready to leave.  A hurricane was coming to town!  Pretty early in the season, too.  It didn't hit Key West head on, but it came about 85 miles too close.  Not any really bad damage but it did take down our pretty Bougainvilla tree in front of our house.  Mike was without electricity for three days and was pretty bored.  I wasn't able to reach him but I figured he was okay.  The Hilton boarded up the store so I guess everything is okay there.  One of the girls called me because they were concerned about all the missed hours of work.  ( I try to tell them not to cut their hours short and leave early on other days, but they don't listen and now they don't have a buffer.)

Cindy , Mom and I have had some good talks, clearing the air of all the old hurts we keep inside.  There comes a point when it's time to let them go.  So many are misconceptions because they were never talked about.  Then years go by and it gets harder and harder to bridge the gaps.  But now I think we can get past them.  We only have one family.  I was apprehensive coming up here.  I didn't know what to expect.  I hadn't talked to Cindy in quite a few years.  I'm sure she was apprehensive as well.  But she is my sister.  I don't feel as though I've ever had an older sister - at least not one I could talk to about anything more important than the weather - and sometimes not even then.  But if we both make an effort I think we can make this work.  We make new friends of other people.  I guess I can make a new friend of my sister.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

New beginnings start now. Love, Cindy

10:43 AM  

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