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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Another Day in Key West

I've been back a bit over a week now. It feels as if I never left.  It has a way of doing that to you.  It feels good to get away and it feels good to get back.  I had a good week at the store.  I needed one.  We sold quite a bit of jewelry and managed to bring the monthly sales up to what they were last month even though I had six days with no sales at all when the weather was bad.  I just love it when the cash register goes cha-ching.

It really has been over hot and humid this summer.  It's been hard getting the house cool enough.  Mike has pretty much been holing up inside with the curtains drawn and the lights off to keep cool.

I saw an ad for this little washing machine that looks like a big bucket, but it is electric and it is supposed to wash a small load of laundry in 15 minutes.  I wonder if it spins it, too.  I think I might get it and give it a try.  I just did a load of laundry in the sink and hung it in the breezeway to dry.  I just beat the clothing clean with a wooden spoon.  It's supposed to be good for dorm rooms or camping and places like that so it might be just what I need - since there is no room for a washer here.

I had my first Buddhist meeting here at the house.  There were 4 other people here to do gongyo and talk about what we want to do this coming year.  There are about 10 SGI members in Key West, and about 8 further up the keys - a mix of old and new members.  But no one has really practiced in an area where the organization is strong, so there is a big need for direction.  My years in LA and all the training I had there has really been a big help.  The district leader is Maureen and she has been chanting for about 20 years and she is really the strongest member.  She spends a lot of time with the members and works hard for kosen-rufu, but she has really needed someone here to support her.  There are 3 groups.  Key West, Big Coppit and Marathon. ( 3 different keys )  I agreed to become the group leader for Key West.  Several Wednesdays a month some of us will meet here for a study meeting.  I have found that there are so many things that have not been studied and most of the meetings have been very loosely prepared.

I will say that getting back into this has been very good for me.  I've enjoyed it very much.  I joined the SGI in 1988 and the years in California were very good years.  I never intended to quit.  But when things got so bad with Ken I let it affect me.  It seemed that it was easier to let it go, especially after my butsadan was destroyed during my trip to Key West and I went on with my life.  Mike and I are on the same page when it comes to believing in "God".  Christianity has not been part of my life for 30 years and I wouldn't have a man in my life who did.  And at the time it was just easier to let my practice go as well.  But everything happens for a reason and I guess the timing was right when I was contacted by Maureen.  She knew I was getting publications but she didn't know who I was so she sent me a post card asking me to contact her.  It felt good to chant again.  I forgot how good it made me feel.  It does so much for me that to get into it now would be too long.  But I will say that I feel better, physically and mentally.  Dynamics are moving in my life again.  I had been feeling so bad physically that all I could do was drag myself into work and then stay in bed and rest so I could do it again.  Now my energy is increasing and I want to do more.  I have new friends and new activities that keep me busy.  The Dr also put me on a new medication a few months ago, methadone, that has also helped all of this.  My pain has been greatly reduced.  Mike has been supportive and that makes me love him even more - if that is possible.  It is rare to have a mate who lets you be who you want without trying to change you.  That is indeed a wonderful thing.  On this note - I think it's time to go to bed!


Blogger Wilma Fritz said...

Hi Honey....It's Mom just catching up with you. Sounds like things are really looking up in your work and at home and especially with our shared Buddhist practice. I am sooo happy that you are back practicing again...meeting new friends...and having the opportunity to share your vast knowlege of Nicherin's Buddhism. I'll be looking forward to meeting them all when I can be down in Key West....when???not sure.
All is going ok here. Nana had a catscan today...looking for somethings that may clear up some of the delusions she is having...big worry on my mind.

I went to a study meeting last Sat. preparing for the exam in much to learn about Nicheren and his life.
House sitting jobs are lining up....I think I'll be able to be as busy as I decide to day at a time.
Time for more later.
Love you always, Mom

1:07 AM  
Blogger Sonni AKA Deby said...

Hi there - I got you package the other day - many thanks. Mike's birthday is today and he opened your card. Since we have 3 major events happening in the space of one week we have a whole row of cards lined up on the table!!

Has Nana had any more episodes since you got back?

Love you!

10:27 PM  
Blogger Wilma Fritz said...

Hi Honey.....Today is 8/25 and it's been a pretty good day. One thing is that I had my 6 month checkup with Dr. Newsome and I am in good shape....3 years down..Yea.

Nana had a blood transfusion on Sun/Mon in the hospital and then was taken back to Spring Hill. She's doing about the same...doesn't want to eat and is very weak....I don't know how this is going to go. By the way, Polly called and her father died this AM.
The funeral will be Monday at 10am and he will be buried beside her mother.....Boy, Velma would be spitting nickles if she could.haha.
If you'd like to send Polly card I know she'd appreciate it. Her address is:Polly Sherman, 119 Cottage Rd.,Shippensburg, Pa.17257
You 3 girls have been special to her all your lives...and she's a good friend to me. Thanks!

I called and left a message for Megan...then she called back and left a message...I have been hoping she'd call because I have no idea of her schedule...what's up with her? Does she know about Nana? She should know.

We had a very good study mtg. last night. I got the message (didn't have it on my calander) when I got home at 5:30 and was so tired I could've dropped, but I went to meet the Gere's at 6PM...and felt so much better when I got home. The study was on the issue of LB regarding "courage"...the one we were so impressed with as I was preparing to go to the Fritz'.That is an excellent issue...even more than usual.
Talk more later....
Loads of love for my girl..Mom

9:47 PM  

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