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Monday, October 04, 2004

Mike and Sonni Standefer

Don't we look like the happy couple? We're also known as "The Hippie and The Heathen" Our fun nicknames for ourselves, so don't take it too seriously. I wrote a song with that as a title shortly after we met in 2000. I'll have to look it up and print the lyrics here in this blog. I'm going to use Quick-Standefer. I've had a few too many names, I think. My business and other stuff is still in the name Quick and I find it a little too daunting to think of changing all that paperwork just yet.

Mike-Sonni  We had obstacles pulling off this ceremony. Who would think that Mike would need his divorce decree from 26 years ago? (One of a few things we had to overcome)

Reverend Shirley officiated. It meant a lot to me to have so much family there. All of the women wore sarongs and the guys wore island shirts. Karen baked me a cake with so much love and personality in it. She even found a little shell that was shaped like a heart for decoration.

The ceremony was close to sunset. The sky was beautiful. Karen's husband Tom escorted me "down the isle". (across the balcony) For the bridal march everyone dum-dum-de dum'd and during the ceremony Melissa's boyfriend Jesse played soft guitar music. I couldn't have planned a nicer evening.

Karen, Tom, Shawn, Melissa and Jesse were there. My grandson Alex, My neice Kelly, husband Chris and son Rylie, my mom, and Chris's mother and three sister's. My nephew Steven and wife Angel and daugher Bently came to the beach house but decided to have dinner with a friend in the area instead of coming to the wedding.


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