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Thursday, September 09, 2004

This Doesn't Look Good

I don't think there is any way that Florida is not going to get slammed this time - straight up the state after it creams us. This doesn't look good. Where do you go when it looks like it's going there, too? This would have to really curve to not hit us. S0. . . today, we had better start getting things organized so we're not caught unaware while we decide what to do. This is really going to play havoc with income this month - and the fact that I'm taking antibiotics for an upcoming root canal next week

And - since I can't help myself, since I have an avid interest in politics - I have watched some very disturbing actual clips in the past few days that are - for obvious reason - not shown on mainstream TV. I don't even have a TV. I go to the source for news - instead of believing soundbites from spun entertainment news. I watched a part of Bush's campaign speech in some town in USA that shows his more insane side. ( We can communicate reasonably about conflicting views without getting radical! ) He said, " OB-GYN's are going out of business. They are not allowed to practice their love for women across the country!" And the tone of his voice indicated that this was a very serious aspect of his campaign. It was a very scary statement. Yes, I know that this issue has risen once again to manic importance. But is definitely way down on the priority list of what we need to do to take care of raising our standard of living back up, education without interference from the federal government, and healthcare. Where are all these women supposed to take these babies the government wants to force these women to have, when we have so many millions of people with no healthcare? And how will they feed them when they are unable to find work and pay for childcare when the government has cut SO MUCH money out of SO MANY social programs for all of us who are not part of the "elite"? This is not black and white issue, as they try to make it seem. If I were young enough to still have children - which I am not - and that is cause for celebration in itself - I would most likely choose not to get an abortion unless it was because of violence. But I wouldn't want that choice taken from me. When the government starts "forcing" you to do anything that is a heath issue, it is so wrong. I fear - if this agenda is pushed through we will start finding a lot of dead babies in trash cans from very young girls with little common sense, while the "elite" would still find a way to have an abortion on the sly. You can't force that category of people to do anything. They have too much money. Too many people are not thinking of the ramifications of this issue. It involves more than a fetus and a baby.

Ok - calm down. . .


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