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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Roscoe Ferden 1906

My great grandfather. I know very little about this man since he died long before I was I born, when my mother was still a young girl. Roscoe and Nana raised my mom when her parents divorced and then married people who didn't feel the need to include her in their lives. I know this man played an important part in her life. I also know that he was a train conductor at one point.

Gene Fritz  He seems quite good looking. Nana was very young when they married, but I don't know how old he was. I wish I had more knowledge as to how they met. Did they elope? What was their courtship like? Does anyone know?

He would be the great-great-great grandfather of the youngest children in my immediate family. My grandchildren - Alex,Alyssa and Karissa, and Cindy's grandchildren - Rylie and Bently. How many other great-great-great granchildren does he have? Can anyone help me count?


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