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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Moving Right Along

Well - we escaped another hurricane but there is another one brewing our there - Ivan. When they said it was going to be an active season this year they weren't kidding. I wonder how long our luck will hold out. It's really disrupted business, though, since only one cruise ship squeaked in on Friday and we were shocked. I know we won't get our usual one on Sunday or probably Monday either, but the one on Tuesday night will for sure be in - it leaves from Galveston, not Miami. So our floor at the shop is really clean and we've cleaned the nooks and crannies, but still we've been closed a lot and that will put a crimp on everyone's paychecks.

I finally got copies of my vacation pictures, including the wedding, so I need to start scanning them and putting them up so everyone can see. I thought I saw somewhere on this site something about putting photo albums together. That would be cool if we could have a place were they would be stored instead of them being scattered in the archives.

Megan has started her first full semester at college this past week. She took some classes during the summer to get her feet wet, but now I think she is completely soaked! She has wanted to go back to school in the worst way. Having 2 kids so young put a damper on that. She wants to get a BA in nursing. (She'd make a good nurse.) She's a very caring person. Starting out taking the required heavy homework courses has her head spinning. She is also dyslexic and that makes it so much harder. They have let her have her school books on tape as well as studying out of books and will give her extra time during tests. She didn't know she was dyslexic growing up - neither did I. She and her husband Chris have also recently taken custody of Chris's sister's 5 year old son, Dominic. Basically the sister dumped her 3 kids. Drug problems - chronic welfare abuser, etc. Megan took the boy in because he was headed for foster care. Later she wanted him back but by then Megan and Chris had gone to court to get temporary custody and said no - get your act together before you screw up this child's life. They have a court appearance in Oct to see what conditions the judge will put on the mom. Life - why do kids want to grow up so fast?


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