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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

I Guess Three's a Charm

I felt sure that we were going to continue to be lucky this time around. The 3rd hurricane this month. When I first saw this hurricane on the weather site I joked, and said that I thought this time it was going to hit Louisiana, so I didn't pay any attention to it. Then low and behold it was coming straight at us - fast. So. . . it took hours of time and labor to pack up the store and bag it for safe keeping. That was a major chore because we have lots of small inventory, and since we are down by the water there was the potential for major flooding. Then, the next day I had to pack up the house and get valuables into the loft. A major feat. I also have chests of dead relatives stuff and I wasn't about to lose that - and two computer systems and music equipment, and the list goes on. Then a drive to Ft Lauderdale to stay with friends of Robo's who manage a small apartment complex and had a vacant apartment. Mike and I stayed there. Slept on the floor and had lawn chairs in the kitchen. But after 2 days it was obvious that it wasn't going to hit the Keys and now looks like it's going to maybe hit Louisiana after all. We were miserable. The neighborhood was so damn noisy with blaring hiphop and TV's to the point of insanity - and the local prostitute was out strutting her stuff. We couldn't take it - so we packed up and went home. It seems that the status quo is to think only of yourself, and if you want to blast music at full decibels with your door open, inflicting everyone within earshot of your poor taste in music, then it's okay. Most people have no consideration of anyone other than themselves. ( This was the upstairs neighbor. ) Robo's friends also had their music and TV going so loud that you had to yell to have a conversation with anyone more than 2 feet away. ( x musician - bad hearing ) So we ran away before the rest of the Keywesters rushed home, to a very very quiet and boarded up town where we promptly shoved everything off the bed onto the floor and passed out.

Key West is very strange when it is empty and boarded up. Even so, I couldn't find a place to park in front of my house. I will never not appreciate a parking space again!! There are none! Damn tourists, ( what a love - hate relationship ) trolley stops, handicap parking spaces and low income housing projects where the teenagers vandalize the cars. Mine goes into the shop for an estimate next week. When Robo saw them ( four of them ) jumping on my car and called the police, they said to me, "Well, what do you want me to do about it?" They wouldn't even go to the front doors of their apartments and talk to their lowclass-foul-mouthed mothers. I've met them - I know what I'm talking about.

When I got back from Ft L. There was all the unpacking to do and today I had to go to the store to begin the re-assemble of the store while realizing that now was the time to move everything and really clean the nooks and crannies. My body hurts. I've overdone it - but I'm the only one here right now to do it. No employees are back in town yet to help me - and after all, it is my responsibility. I'm not done in either place - but Lea ( my #1 right hand gal and good friend ) will be back tomorrow morning to help me set it straight. I've saved the lifting for her to do. She's a spring chicken of only 40!! But tomorrow I have my regular Dr appointment so he can check the parts of me that are still working and tell me to stop pushing myself so hard.


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