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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Gene Fritz "Freedom Party" 1948

'Freedom Party' Tops Vote For Junior Borough Posts

Opening the Optimist club-sponsored Boy's Week yesterday,the Freedom party swept 13 of the 16 borough offices in the general elections held at the Pottstown Junior High School. (This picture was taken from the Pottsown Mercury from that time period.)

Gene Fritz  Burgess Gene Fritz congratulated Police Chief William Embody as he pins on his badge. Flashing a victory smile is Borough Manager Charles Daniel. All are eigth graders. They will govern the borough for a day on Saturday.

The general elections were preceded by the formal
requirements of a real election as part of the student's study of Problems of Democracy.

I thought this was an interesting picture being that we are in an election year. Gee, my dad was cute. I can understand why my mom snapped him up real quick!

There is so much old history, recent old history, just plain old history and pictures of today that would be fun and interesting for everyone to see. Inserting these pictures is not easy unless you have a good working knowledge of html or have an Old Hippie like I do who knows about this stuff. Whew! What a lesson I got today! If anyone wants to create a new post and wants a picture added you can email the picture to me and I will put it up in another post for you. I can also crop and enhance any photos you may have that need a little work on them and send them back to you.


Blogger thesilverguys said...

Yea!!!! I finally figured out how to post on this blog! I really dont have much to say but I am really sick of running from these hurricanes. I see the next one has run out of steam but Karl is already a hurricane. Well Sonni I enjoy ready your posts so keep up the good work. My life is so boring I just dont have much to say. I have the grandsons this weekend so that is wonderful.Donivan is 9 and Greggory is 2. I took them to Walmart and figured out I am to old to shop alone to 2 lively kids. I am sorting all the silver AGAIN so no more hurricanes are allowed to come close. I have the biggest tangled mess of gallon baggies of chains you can imagine. I will close for now. Later and talk soon Sonni, Yvonne

5:05 PM  
Blogger Sonni AKA Deby said...

That was very brave of you to take two young kids to a department store like that - and at your age!!! ( well . . . she's not that old - just a little older than me ) The young parents do that all the time and think nothing of it. Ah the energy!!

For anyone who reads this - Yvonne - the silver guys - is the good friend I have the jewelry business with. She's heard all about my family and I consider her one of us! She lives in Naples, Fl and we spend a lot of time watching the hurricanes and have both had to pack up and leave once for two different ones. Her daughter lives in Punta Garda (sp) Where Charlie hit and her house was destroyed. It was disheartening for them. Since I moved here - more than 4 1/2 years ago we have never had a season like this.

7:39 AM  
Blogger thesilverguys said...

Well today is exciting, I am watching the storm Jeene turn circles. What next? Sonni I am shipping this afternoon to the store so heads up. To anyone that is bored they can do a search for All-Ways Bite"n" Fishing Charters and see all the different web sites I have managed to get hubbys site listed on. I am quite proud of getting him on 22 sites and about half of them for free. Now all we need ids the phone to ring for business. This is his dream to be a charter boat captain. We have the boat and we have the advertising now we just need the clients. My life circles around the silver business and the boating business getting and hopefully keeping them flying. It is fun and a chalange and I love chalanges. This is very strange for me to be talking to people I really dont know but Sonni my dear friend so I will go. Yvonne

1:37 PM  

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