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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Edith Ferden, Roscoe and Alma

I've been busy doing some other things lately. There never is enough time in the day to get everything done, is there? We have two computer systems in the house. Only one is connected to the internet and the other one is where I do my "work", my many projects. I've been scanning in more pictures. Some old - some new. I wonder if I'll ever get them done. As I go on, in order to get more pictures posted, I'll probably do less yakking except to explain who is in the picture and when was taken.


This is Nana Ferden and Roscoe with baby Alma, their first born. This photograph was in fairly bad condition and it took a number of hours to bring to this condition. Does anyone have any pictures of the other two children who died? Mom, you told me their names, but I don't remember.

I won't be following any kind of order in the pictures I post on any given day. Maybe variety will make it more interesting.


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