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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Wilma on a donkey?

Isn't she cute? She was in her mid teens when this was taken.

mom donkey  

Fred Rich and Lois Ferden

I don't know if my grandparents were married yet when this picture was taken. I think it is the only picture I have seen of the two of them at a time in their lives when they were happy. Are there any others?

Fred-Lois  Fredrick (Grampa) and Lois (Nana Bunker) are sitting in the back seat. I don't know who the other people in the picture are but they are probably just friends.

Roscoe Ferden 1906

My great grandfather. I know very little about this man since he died long before I was I born, when my mother was still a young girl. Roscoe and Nana raised my mom when her parents divorced and then married people who didn't feel the need to include her in their lives. I know this man played an important part in her life. I also know that he was a train conductor at one point.

Gene Fritz  He seems quite good looking. Nana was very young when they married, but I don't know how old he was. I wish I had more knowledge as to how they met. Did they elope? What was their courtship like? Does anyone know?

He would be the great-great-great grandfather of the youngest children in my immediate family. My grandchildren - Alex,Alyssa and Karissa, and Cindy's grandchildren - Rylie and Bently. How many other great-great-great granchildren does he have? Can anyone help me count?

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Edith Ferden - age 17

This is one my favorite pictures of Nana

Edith Ferden  

Edith Ferden, Roscoe and Alma

I've been busy doing some other things lately. There never is enough time in the day to get everything done, is there? We have two computer systems in the house. Only one is connected to the internet and the other one is where I do my "work", my many projects. I've been scanning in more pictures. Some old - some new. I wonder if I'll ever get them done. As I go on, in order to get more pictures posted, I'll probably do less yakking except to explain who is in the picture and when was taken.


This is Nana Ferden and Roscoe with baby Alma, their first born. This photograph was in fairly bad condition and it took a number of hours to bring to this condition. Does anyone have any pictures of the other two children who died? Mom, you told me their names, but I don't remember.

I won't be following any kind of order in the pictures I post on any given day. Maybe variety will make it more interesting.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Edith Ferden's Baby PIcture

There can only be one original old photograph of anyone, but over the years the person in the picture has many descendants. Many people lose the knowledge of who they came from. A couple years ago my mother or sister Karen gave me photo copies of quite a few pictures I want to share. Because of the age and quality of these pictures I have spent quite a few hours "fixing" them. Some of them, one pixel at a time. I enjoy doing that kind of anal retentive thing. Any of these pictures you can copy off the web and put into your own photo albums.

nana ferden  Edith Ferden, my great-grandmother, was born in 1890 and died in 1967. She married young - at age sixteen and had four living children and three children who died of crib death at around six months old. I can not imagine her heartbreak. Her oldest living child is my grandmother, Lois, age 90, who still lives in Grass Valley across the driveway from my mother, Wilma, and her brother Alan and his partner Jim. Lois's sister Dorothy lives in New England. Brother Ellsworth, and sister Barbara are no longer living.

Nana Ferden rasied my mother and lived with us in our household until her death. She made the absolute best bread pudding, mollasses cookies, and baked beans that would cook all day in the oven. Living with her wasn't always easy because I was definitely not a child that was "seen but not heard"!

I spent many hours staring at her picture as I worked at trying to get the flaws out. She was a stunning baby. I'm going to post more pictures of her throughout her life. I wish I knew more about her younger years. I know she had a difficult childhood because of preferential treatment of her younger brother, but I really don't know anything about him or his family. If anyone does - I'd like to know. Her father encouraged her to marry young to get her out of the house and away from her mother. She was only a teenager when her first two children died. The first child was a girl named Alma and I have a picture of her and Roscoe holding her.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Karissa Raven Quick

Robo's, ( Robert Judge Quick III ) daughter Karissa lives in El Cajon ( San Diego area ) with her mother Brandy. She'll be six this coming early January. Since Robo lives here in Key West where I do, he doesn't get many chances to see her which is a real heart break for him and her. They do talk on the phone nearly every day. As she gets older and will be able to travel easier I'm sure we'll see more of her. It's hard for Robo to be able to afford to fly out there.

Karissa  Karissa can be a little imp. She is about a strong willed as you can get and doesn't think twice about throwing a boy to the ground if she doesn't like his behavior! She just puts her little hands on her hips and tells them off!

I think that both Brandy and Robo will have their hands full and have more than a few sleepless nights as this little girl goes through her growing up years. It's a good thing she is so cute! Curls never ran in my family, but between Robo and Megan and their families they sure do have enough to go around.

Being a grandmother is one of the best things that ever happened to me. I've often joked that if I knew how difficult my kids were going to be during their teens, they would have never been born. But both of them turned into adults that I am very proud of. They are good people. They were listening when I tried to teach them the value of treating people and life the way you want to be treated. I feel confident that they will teach that to their own children as well.

By the way, Karissa, Gene Fritz, on the right in the picture below, is your great grandfather.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Gene Fritz "Freedom Party" 1948

'Freedom Party' Tops Vote For Junior Borough Posts

Opening the Optimist club-sponsored Boy's Week yesterday,the Freedom party swept 13 of the 16 borough offices in the general elections held at the Pottstown Junior High School. (This picture was taken from the Pottsown Mercury from that time period.)

Gene Fritz  Burgess Gene Fritz congratulated Police Chief William Embody as he pins on his badge. Flashing a victory smile is Borough Manager Charles Daniel. All are eigth graders. They will govern the borough for a day on Saturday.

The general elections were preceded by the formal
requirements of a real election as part of the student's study of Problems of Democracy.

I thought this was an interesting picture being that we are in an election year. Gee, my dad was cute. I can understand why my mom snapped him up real quick!

There is so much old history, recent old history, just plain old history and pictures of today that would be fun and interesting for everyone to see. Inserting these pictures is not easy unless you have a good working knowledge of html or have an Old Hippie like I do who knows about this stuff. Whew! What a lesson I got today! If anyone wants to create a new post and wants a picture added you can email the picture to me and I will put it up in another post for you. I can also crop and enhance any photos you may have that need a little work on them and send them back to you.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

I Guess Three's a Charm

I felt sure that we were going to continue to be lucky this time around. The 3rd hurricane this month. When I first saw this hurricane on the weather site I joked, and said that I thought this time it was going to hit Louisiana, so I didn't pay any attention to it. Then low and behold it was coming straight at us - fast. So. . . it took hours of time and labor to pack up the store and bag it for safe keeping. That was a major chore because we have lots of small inventory, and since we are down by the water there was the potential for major flooding. Then, the next day I had to pack up the house and get valuables into the loft. A major feat. I also have chests of dead relatives stuff and I wasn't about to lose that - and two computer systems and music equipment, and the list goes on. Then a drive to Ft Lauderdale to stay with friends of Robo's who manage a small apartment complex and had a vacant apartment. Mike and I stayed there. Slept on the floor and had lawn chairs in the kitchen. But after 2 days it was obvious that it wasn't going to hit the Keys and now looks like it's going to maybe hit Louisiana after all. We were miserable. The neighborhood was so damn noisy with blaring hiphop and TV's to the point of insanity - and the local prostitute was out strutting her stuff. We couldn't take it - so we packed up and went home. It seems that the status quo is to think only of yourself, and if you want to blast music at full decibels with your door open, inflicting everyone within earshot of your poor taste in music, then it's okay. Most people have no consideration of anyone other than themselves. ( This was the upstairs neighbor. ) Robo's friends also had their music and TV going so loud that you had to yell to have a conversation with anyone more than 2 feet away. ( x musician - bad hearing ) So we ran away before the rest of the Keywesters rushed home, to a very very quiet and boarded up town where we promptly shoved everything off the bed onto the floor and passed out.

Key West is very strange when it is empty and boarded up. Even so, I couldn't find a place to park in front of my house. I will never not appreciate a parking space again!! There are none! Damn tourists, ( what a love - hate relationship ) trolley stops, handicap parking spaces and low income housing projects where the teenagers vandalize the cars. Mine goes into the shop for an estimate next week. When Robo saw them ( four of them ) jumping on my car and called the police, they said to me, "Well, what do you want me to do about it?" They wouldn't even go to the front doors of their apartments and talk to their lowclass-foul-mouthed mothers. I've met them - I know what I'm talking about.

When I got back from Ft L. There was all the unpacking to do and today I had to go to the store to begin the re-assemble of the store while realizing that now was the time to move everything and really clean the nooks and crannies. My body hurts. I've overdone it - but I'm the only one here right now to do it. No employees are back in town yet to help me - and after all, it is my responsibility. I'm not done in either place - but Lea ( my #1 right hand gal and good friend ) will be back tomorrow morning to help me set it straight. I've saved the lifting for her to do. She's a spring chicken of only 40!! But tomorrow I have my regular Dr appointment so he can check the parts of me that are still working and tell me to stop pushing myself so hard.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

This Doesn't Look Good

I don't think there is any way that Florida is not going to get slammed this time - straight up the state after it creams us. This doesn't look good. Where do you go when it looks like it's going there, too? This would have to really curve to not hit us. S0. . . today, we had better start getting things organized so we're not caught unaware while we decide what to do. This is really going to play havoc with income this month - and the fact that I'm taking antibiotics for an upcoming root canal next week

And - since I can't help myself, since I have an avid interest in politics - I have watched some very disturbing actual clips in the past few days that are - for obvious reason - not shown on mainstream TV. I don't even have a TV. I go to the source for news - instead of believing soundbites from spun entertainment news. I watched a part of Bush's campaign speech in some town in USA that shows his more insane side. ( We can communicate reasonably about conflicting views without getting radical! ) He said, " OB-GYN's are going out of business. They are not allowed to practice their love for women across the country!" And the tone of his voice indicated that this was a very serious aspect of his campaign. It was a very scary statement. Yes, I know that this issue has risen once again to manic importance. But is definitely way down on the priority list of what we need to do to take care of raising our standard of living back up, education without interference from the federal government, and healthcare. Where are all these women supposed to take these babies the government wants to force these women to have, when we have so many millions of people with no healthcare? And how will they feed them when they are unable to find work and pay for childcare when the government has cut SO MUCH money out of SO MANY social programs for all of us who are not part of the "elite"? This is not black and white issue, as they try to make it seem. If I were young enough to still have children - which I am not - and that is cause for celebration in itself - I would most likely choose not to get an abortion unless it was because of violence. But I wouldn't want that choice taken from me. When the government starts "forcing" you to do anything that is a heath issue, it is so wrong. I fear - if this agenda is pushed through we will start finding a lot of dead babies in trash cans from very young girls with little common sense, while the "elite" would still find a way to have an abortion on the sly. You can't force that category of people to do anything. They have too much money. Too many people are not thinking of the ramifications of this issue. It involves more than a fetus and a baby.

Ok - calm down. . .

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Hello - Is Anybody Out There?

I've sent emails to some people and personal email follow-ups but as of yet I've gotten very little response to either. I don't know if anyone has even seen the information. Please let me know. Have you looked at the site?
Anyone who joins can post or comment. We have a big family out there - let's connect!

Sunday, September 05, 2004

Moving Right Along

Well - we escaped another hurricane but there is another one brewing our there - Ivan. When they said it was going to be an active season this year they weren't kidding. I wonder how long our luck will hold out. It's really disrupted business, though, since only one cruise ship squeaked in on Friday and we were shocked. I know we won't get our usual one on Sunday or probably Monday either, but the one on Tuesday night will for sure be in - it leaves from Galveston, not Miami. So our floor at the shop is really clean and we've cleaned the nooks and crannies, but still we've been closed a lot and that will put a crimp on everyone's paychecks.

I finally got copies of my vacation pictures, including the wedding, so I need to start scanning them and putting them up so everyone can see. I thought I saw somewhere on this site something about putting photo albums together. That would be cool if we could have a place were they would be stored instead of them being scattered in the archives.

Megan has started her first full semester at college this past week. She took some classes during the summer to get her feet wet, but now I think she is completely soaked! She has wanted to go back to school in the worst way. Having 2 kids so young put a damper on that. She wants to get a BA in nursing. (She'd make a good nurse.) She's a very caring person. Starting out taking the required heavy homework courses has her head spinning. She is also dyslexic and that makes it so much harder. They have let her have her school books on tape as well as studying out of books and will give her extra time during tests. She didn't know she was dyslexic growing up - neither did I. She and her husband Chris have also recently taken custody of Chris's sister's 5 year old son, Dominic. Basically the sister dumped her 3 kids. Drug problems - chronic welfare abuser, etc. Megan took the boy in because he was headed for foster care. Later she wanted him back but by then Megan and Chris had gone to court to get temporary custody and said no - get your act together before you screw up this child's life. They have a court appearance in Oct to see what conditions the judge will put on the mom. Life - why do kids want to grow up so fast?

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Watching Hurricane Frances

Here we go again. I read that this will be an active hurricane season and they weren't wrong. Florida mainland, on the east coast is going to get hit, this time with Hurricane Frances. It's only been a few weeks since Hurricane Charlie hit. It looks like we're going to get some good rains for a week or so. It will also probably keep the cruise ships from leaving Miami, so the store will probably be pretty dead, too. September is usually slow, anyway. Kids are back in school and the cruise lines change their routes and we get different ships. It takes awhile for them to settle into a new schedule. So I guess the floor will get cleaned more often, the dust will be cleaned from the top shlves that you can't even see, and I'll be polishing alot of sterling silver. Without the cruise ships we don't have much business. Many of the tourists don't find us because we're off the beaten path for foot traffic.